Susan is feeling a bit sad and confused 😕 I get confused easily it is my genetic makeup 🤔

I know my blog is a bit of a personal adventure and it may appear self-indulgent? Truly it is not meant to be self-indulgent but for my own odd way of understanding human nature 🤔 I am feeling confused about my recent interview?  Not because of my sudden ‘sole’ dropping ‘off’ my shoe experience but more so as to the very sudden reply which was soul destroying for me 😥 The ink on the letter was instant! More confusing for me is that the C. E. Scheme which was related to a local  Community Trust Body did not reply to my genuine request for feedback?  Feedback is holistic for human nature’s self-esteem in life.🌻

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Another letter of rejection today for my excel spreadsheet 🤔

I heard Regina Doherty on the local radio station, LMFM, recently affirm her reasons for promoting the rise of the pension age to 70?  Well this would be reasonable if there were jobs to facilitate this age group but in reality there are not and the government will save a lot of money at the expense of the growing older communities in Ireland.

Interviews can be so ‘soul’ destroying or in my case literally ‘sole’ destroying? I dressed up as best I could and wore my best little pair of flat black shoes that I have barely worn and ‘I kid you not’!  about 6 to 10 steps before the interview premises the sole literally dropped off ‘in one piece’ while I was still walking! So I attended the interview embarrassed and sole-less and attempted to explain my dilemma upon arrival which probably didn’t go down well?  IMG_20170726_201833 (1)

So today, 2 days after my interview, I got my rejection letter🤔  Prior to my rejection letter a friend of mine said it was a sign that I should not have stepped through the door and honestly I am not a superstitious person?  What upsets me the most is that the job I applied for is still  on the Intreo web site and the interview process is still a work in progress?   Getting an ‘instant’ rejection letter is ‘soul’ destroying for those over 50 looking for employment in life but the Government says there are endless jobs out there for us?

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Seetec? Manpower and Fear! for over 40’s/ 50’s/60’s actively looking for employment in Ireland in 2017😩 😱

Which comes first Seetec or Manpower? and what is the difference??  Please comment to find a solution to this question?

Dail debate 2016

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Anyone going on the Seetec road needs to read the Dail Debate transcript and questions asked by Willie Penrose?

anco.jpg.w300h97                         seetec
Let me turn to JobPath, Seetec and Turas Nua. The Minister will be aware that the roll-out of JobPath is ongoing and that it is causing significant distress in communities across the country. I have a number of examples to hand. I have received many complaints and queries about the impact of JobPath on community employment schemes, as has my colleague and party leader, Deputy Brendan Howlin. The schemes are taking all the people. There will be nobody left in community employment in rural areas. I refer to people want to gain valuable skills and receive training. I have questions about how Seetec and Turas Nua go about their business. They are under contract in the Department. It is time the Minister told them to pull in their horns. Could the Minister confirm whether it is covered by law that a person who has been referred to JobPath may not apply to participate in a community employment scheme? People should have that option. Turas Nua operates in the south east, including Wexford where my party leader, Deputy Brendan Howlin’s office has received numerous complaints about its operation. We are discussing vulnerable people, but there seems to be a one-size-fits-all approach. There should be a bespoke option that suits people’s skills and attributes. Compelling them into positions for which they are not suitable knocks them back rather than helping them to advance. People are being expected to turn up for interviews and jobs, even though they do not have the life or work skills to do what is being asked of them.
A lack of sympathy and compassion is being displayed by those operating this compulsory element of attendance for JobPath opportunities and other job activation measures. They are not opportunities; rather, people are being forced to accept whatever jobs become available. Dignity and respect must inform all job activation measures where people are compelled to attend. It is demoralising and having a different outcome than was heralded.


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Who remembers AnCo and Manpower?

Seetec LOGO! and the up-styled employment social welfare agency in Ireland and an alternative to AnCo et al moving forward in the in employment issues 1980’s – to-date?

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Ireland’s historical employment bodies: FAS established 1988, SOLAS est., 2013, Intreo est., 2015, Seetec est., 1984!!! So Ireland’s current employment strategy predates FAS by 4 years and is based on our closest neighbour’s model, the U.K. ? Employment history rhymes 🤔

action plan for jobs 2017So I am still trying to figure out my employment options in life🤔  This is the latest Government ‘opportunity’ plan for me to gain employment over my 50 years of age until I reach the ideal retirement age of 70🤔 Action Plan for Jobs 2017  . To lengthen my lifespan I opted to ‘ctrl F’ and search the number 50 in the document because life is too short for meaningless figures and statements which are very often regurgitated to confuse a struggling audience.  Well, my search recovered 51 items relating to the number 50🤔 of which only 2 of the 50’s in the article touched on the over 50’s employment study and which has no bearing on the general society.  Here are the two references in the document:-

‘We are focusing on the over-50s in the labour
market through a combination of measures,
including a new draft Code of Practice to
set out best industrial relations practice
in managing the engagement between
employers and employees in the run up to
retirement, a major conference on the new
world of work and measures to support senior


‘The LEOs are partners in the Ingenuity
Programme for the over 50s, where
participants can either take part in a Start
Your Own Business Programme or a DCU
high-potential start-up accelerator designed
for entrepreneurs for those with ambition to
establish a fast-growth internationally trading




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So the Irish Government in power want to increase the state pension age to 70 😠

So it looks like I may never get the bus pass.  The red setter dog, the icon of early media history as being a way to release yourself and travel the length and breath of Ireland has been, swiftly denied to me because I possibly may live too long.  I had myself all excited, truly I had, about the possibility of getting a bus pass at 65/66 – 68 but 70 was completely out of my radar conception 🙄  I was planning many trips, I wouldn’t need the expense of a car, I kept myself relatively fit, I had my vices but was prepared to die with them and then out of the blue my possible 4/5 years of the red setter imagery of happiness was swiftly removed from my radar of joy in order to fuel a different hegemonic world order.


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What I love about getting older is that I can tune into my own childhood tragedies and work with them. I am also enjoying the art of speaking ‘my own mind’! which is a work in progress?

Oh my gosh, having studied dictatorship scenarios in my recent years in college it would appear that we are ever becoming a dictatorship society where our every movements are being recorded!?! Record your own history to be not disappointed or misread in life’s history of social economical records.

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“To be or not to be: that is the question”? by William Shakespeare or Kit Marlowe? so “Nothings going to change my world” by John Lennon and performed eloquently and brilliantly by Rufus Wainwright on this blog post

So I had always questions about time and space within my own meaning of my existence on this turbulent planet Earth. My earliest childhood media memories were “Lost in Space” and “The Clangers”. The meaning of life experiences throws many challenges for reasons beyond our comprehension. I am still a work in progress but I am findind ageism in our society an ever growing obstacle in my positive progression in life as I age on this Earth planet that I inhabit🤔

I love this song wriiten by John Lennon and this version of it by Rufus Wainwright 💚

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Growing old seems to be more of a problematic issue than a joyous and liberating experience for the vast majority of older ‘younger than lifevie’s’ people in contemporary society in Ireland.

free dark rainbow image 2

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