Welcome to Generation Media or (Fake News)?!?

‘Our governments tend to be unadventurous and lazy, taking ideas off the British rack and implementing them here with some kind of local twist. This is how we got JobPath, which is based on Britain’s Workfare, which itself is based on an American model designed by corporate entities’ Eamonn Kelly at 4:06 pm July 10, 2017, “BROADSHEET” view full article here Jobpath And The Reality Of ‘Employment Activation’


Welcome to Generation Media or (Fake News)?!?


About susansover50

This is my first attempt at public blogging so I will keep it simple. My name is Susan and I am 53 years young. I was motivated to set up this blog by a relatively recent article in "the Irish Journal" by Tom Neville titled 'There is often a stigma that people in their 50s, who are out of work, are waiting it out until retirement'. I like many other over 50's who commented on this article can relate to it's contents. So out of curiosity I am setting up this blog especially for 50's who feel that Ireland is becoming an increasingly ageist society. So happy trial blogging hopefully. My blogs will be shared on Facebook with my friends.
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