I am diverting from my job seeking journey tonight. My beloved son, Sean, describes me as a constantly changing ‘phase in the motion of life’ persona type🍃🍁🌻


I am a very analytically/emotionally charged person in life and only my close friends, old and new, who I have been so fortunate to meet in my life understand my odd personality😐.  Truly it confuses me also (and more so now in my later life).  To be honest to myself I may be unemployable because I tend to impulsively speak my opinion which is not considered acceptable in a society that is so structured 🤔

The key-ring is a gift from times long past from my beloved belated sister Mary whom in my opinion was too precious for this world but she is still whispering in my ear for sure 💚


About susansover50

This is my first attempt at public blogging so I will keep it simple. My name is Susan and I am 53 years young. I was motivated to set up this blog by a relatively recent article in "the Irish Journal" by Tom Neville titled 'There is often a stigma that people in their 50s, who are out of work, are waiting it out until retirement'. I like many other over 50's who commented on this article can relate to it's contents. So out of curiosity I am setting up this blog especially for 50's who feel that Ireland is becoming an increasingly ageist society. So happy trial blogging hopefully. My blogs will be shared on Facebook with my friends.
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